Information that a Prodigy Lending’s loan officer in Springtown, Texas



Applying for a loan is quite challenging since there are details needed from employment, self-identification details and credit scores. At Prodigy Lending, with the help of our professional mortgage experts, we make the process fast and easy giving our clients peace of mind.

The loan application process in Houston entails of:


  • Get your Certificate Of Eligibility (COE)


The Certificate of Eligibility is important since it helps you enjoy the benefits of the VA loan program that is how much you are entitled to receive. It is one of the requirements to getting your VA loan approved, and is easily processed in just 10-15 minutes. It can be applied online through the mortgage lender portal for the veterans and military members but for the surviving couples of those that died in the line of duty access it via mail.


  • Choose a VA mortgage lender


Prodigy Lending is known as one of the best private mortgage lenders in the United States thus is able to originate the VA loans. Working with Prodigy Lending makes the loan process much easier and quicker.

Working with an approved VA lender has so many benefits. If you are not sure of how to do that, one should talk to a mortgage expert for help


  • Loan pre-qualification process


Before hunting for a house, you should ensure that your loan Is pre-approved this way you will have an idea of how much you will get this helps you budget for the house you wish for. This process entails filling in the loan application form, providing your employment, income, marital, credit score details which are the requirements.

Ensure that you give honest information to avoid your loan from getting rejected.


  • Search for a house


 With a loan limit, you are able to have a budget range for a house you dream to own one day. In this step, you should think of working with a real estate agent who has experience in the VA loan process this way the agent will help you enjoy some benefits that you had no idea of.

Once you have located the house you wish to own, one that fits your budget, then sign the house purchase agreement then wait for communication from your loan lender.


  • Appraisal 


This is done to determine whether the house you are about to purchase with the help of the VA loans has met the required standards and has been priced correctly. The appraisal and home inspection are two different things since the appraisal is more of how is the property. When this is done your loan is then approved.


  • The closing process


When all that is done, the client then signs the necessary documents that confirm your understanding of the terms and conditions of that loan. You will the pay for the closing costs then move into your new house. 

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