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About us

Prodigy lending is one of the best mortgage company in the United States. The lending community trusts us because of our superb services that we have been providing for over 17 years. You are sure to get the right home loan from us since we have various mortgage packages. Our team consists of professional mortgage experts that are readily available to guide clients based on their needs. Our products range from those of refinancing, consolidating debt, buying a first home and any other dream property. We have low mortgages cost loans that ensures that every customer achieves their desires of owning a home. Mortgages such as USDA and VA home loans in Hurst offer 100% financing to those who meet the eligibility criteria. 

Below are some of our best home loans programs 

FHA mortgages

FHA loans are mostly preferred by first tie home buyers because of the low down payment and flexible qualification criteria. You also get to enjoy low-interest rate and high debt to income ration. Rehab loans are also available for those wishing to do renovations in their homes. The only thing you need to do is to get 3.5% down payment and Private Mortgage Insurance. 

USDA mortgages

The USDA loans are specifically tailored for those wishing to buy property in rural areas. This mortgage gives you 100 % financing meaning that there is no down payment required for those who qualify. The interest and mortgage cost for this loan is relatively low and you only need to meet the income and home location requirements

VA mortgages 

The VA home loans in Hurst are best for those who qualify as they offer 100% financing with low-interest rates. The borrower does not need to worry about the down payment and mortgage insurance. These are not required as long as you meet the eligibility criteria. This loan has the best rates ever and it is government approved. You also get to enjoy a lower closing cost from VA home loans in Fort Worth that makes it easy for many to qualify.

Conventional loans

Those with excellent credit ratings can consider conventional loans to finance their homes. This type of loans comes with 3% down payment and low PMI compared to those of FHA mortgages. The borrower is not required to pay lender fee and gets to enjoy flexible terms of 10-30 years. The interest rates are equally competitive for those who meet the required credit scores.

With the above mortgage options, you can be sure to get one that meets your needs. Give us your information and start the pre-approval process now. Your information will be kept confidential and this is what differentiates us from renowned lenders. We are also one of the top workplaces in the US for the past eight years and we commit to continue with the excellent services. Our goal is to always bond with our customers as we continue meeting their mortgage needs.

Feel free to contact us or utilize our interactive site to get a free quotation from our mortgage professional. The rates change based on market condition but we always remain the most preferred mortgage company. 

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