How to ensure competitive interest rates for your home loan in Haltom City, Texas


The final price is determined by various cost factors. For instance, the price paid for certain transportation service is determined by drivers’ wages, fuel, and vehicle maintenance costs. If the resultant costs are low, a similar effect will be experienced with the price. This proves the existence of a direct relationship. The next time you experience a change in price, take time to understand the hidden cost factors before purchasing.

In the mortgage business, interest rates are never the same for a long period of time. Prodigy Lending might impose different rates for the same home loan in comparison to other lenders. Interest rates determine the total amount you will pay for your home. This shows that it is very important to keep them as low as possible. Failing to do so might mean paying too much in monthly installments. Below are some ways on how to ensure competitive interest rates for your home loan:

  1. Compare different lenders – it is always important to analyze different options offered in the market. If you hope to take a VA home loan, for instance, approach various lenders with this option. After approaching them, compare the VA loan interest rates charged by each of them. The most attractive lender is one who ensures value for your money. This means that even if interest rates are low, the quality of service provided should still be very high. Do not go for the first lender you interact with without considering others as this will rarely lead to getting competitive interest rates.
  2. Improve your credit information – credit information is very important as it clearly tells your lender whether or not you will make repayments on time. If your credit information is not convincing, make sure you meet any outstanding obligations regardless of how small they may seem. This will increase the chances of being approved for a loan and getting competitive interest rates. In the case of VA home loans, for instance, credit information is not a huge determinant of interest rates. VA home loan requirements allow for borrowers with bad credit information to be served because the government guarantees repayment. Regardless, lenders will impose lower interest rates on borrowers with good credit information, meaning that you should strive to make necessary improvements and updates.
  3. Consider saving for a higher down-payment – if you make a higher contribution to your home, the lender is likely to charge lower interest rates. This is because your higher contribution reduces their risk. In the case of conventional loans, for instance, Prodigy Lending allows for a down-payment of as low as 3 %. Contributing a higher percentage than what is stated will give you an advantage over a borrower who pays exactly what is stated. 

The above statements clearly show how competitive your rates are depending on you. However, do not forget to carry out research so that you can also determine the factors beyond your control.

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