Most borrowers who live in Houston look at the mortgage rates a certain loan program offers this way they can determine whether that loan program is right for them. Luckily for the Veterans Affairs, the mortgage is always lower than those of other loan programs since they are backed by the government. This is an advantage to the military members serving in the US, National Guard members, reservists, veterans and surviving spouses of those that died in the line of duty since they get this privilege of enjoying the low mortgage rates.

We at Prodigy Lending home loans offer the lowest, most current mortgage rates available. Our home loan center offers various low-cost mortgage loans for purchase and refinancing. We are known as one of the best private mortgage lenders in the United States. We guarantee our home loan program will provide you with a specific mortgage option that is right for you.

The  loan rates of the clients are mostly determined by your financial situation and your credit score that is with good credit score you are able to secure low rates but with bad credit scores the mortgage rates are somehow higher, good news is that the borrower can fix that by bills being paid on time, not closing credit accounts that he or she has not used in a long time, unnecessarily opening up credit accounts and finally paying off any debts you might have. 

Our mortgage rates at Prodigy Lending home loans are available to clients who want to buy a new home or refinance to a lower mortgage. The current mortgage rate is offered to you based on today’s market condition. Since market condition changes frequently throughout the day. We also have mortgage experts from all over the United States who have experience in VA home loans thus are able to guide burrowers who might have doubts.

The loan rates are set by the mortgage expert once the borrower has located the house he or she wants to purchase using this loan. Once the borrower has done all the purchase signing agreement is when the loan officers set the rate at which you are to pay your loan limit monthly. This way with all your financial details of income one is able to budget for the loan repayment and money for other uses leaving you with emergency money.

 Prodigy Lending is committed to providing clients with the highest quality service for your mortgage needs. There is a combination of the lowest rate and multiple loan programs available that the clients find the best working with. The refinancing loan rates are also low which favors clients since they don’t have to worry about an increase in monthly loan payments.

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