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Concerning us

Prodigy lending is a Mortgage solution company with professional home loan experts across all regions in the US. We are committed to establishing long term relationship with our customers as we continue providing award-winning services to them. We have done this for over 17 years. Our customers can choose the right home loan through guidance from a mortgage specialist. Refinancing, consolidation of debt, and purchase of homes have been made easier through our various home loan programs. You can be sure to get low-cost mortgages with reduced rates from us.


FHA mortgages

The FHA mortgage is a government approved a loan that we lend with 3.5% down payment. It has attractive interest rates with high debt to income ratio. The rehab loans are also available for those wishing to renovations on their homes. It is quite easy to qualify for this loan because of the lower credit scores required compared to other types of mortgages. The borrower will have to get a PMI to guarantee the loan.

VA mortgages

We give 100% financing on VA loan for those who meet eligibility criteria. One has to be a veteran or serving soldier to apply for this loan. The interest and mortgage cost for this loan is reduced. We also do not require the borrower to get the mortgage insurance making it easier for one to qualify for this government-approved loan. The VA home loans in Crowley are, therefore, suitable for first-time buyers since they do not have to raise the down payment. 

USDA mortgages

This is another type of loan that we offer 100% financing for those who meet income and home location requirements. The loan has lower interest and mortgage insurance cost. This is a good option because one will not have to raise the down payment.

Conventional loans

Those with excellent credit ratings can apply for conventional loans since it carries attractive rates with a down payment of only 3%. The terms are also flexible so that you can choose the one that will make it easy for monthly repayments. The PMI we require for this loan is lower compared to those of FHA mortgages. Our clients do not have to pay the lender fee making the mortgage quite affordable.

We value our employees, and this has seen us receive recognition for the last eight years as the Top Workplace in the US. Your data remain confidential, and this is what has made us different from other more prominent lending institutions. Actually, we are the best private lending institution in all the states in America. 

Prodigy lending is where you can get 100% financing from USDA or VA home loans in Crowley. What else are you waiting? Start your pre-approval process and take advantage of good rates from VA home loans and other mortgages programs that we offer. 

Speak to us today through our contacts or use our interactive website. The rates are based on economic conditions, and we will give you a free obligation quote by filling in the precise form on our website.


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