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About us

Prodigy lending is where one can realize the dream of homeownership because of our mortgages that come with competitive interest rates. We have a team of expert mortgage professional who are found all over the US. The team is ready to guide each of our clients in order to ensure they select the right mortgage that meets their expectation. Whether one is looking to buy a home for the first time, refinance the existing mortgages or consolidate debt, we will be able to meet all these needs and much more.

Here are some of our mortgage options

FHA mortgage programs

FHA loans are one of the best mortgages that helps one to own a home without making a considerable saving for a down payment. One of the programs under FHA is rehab mortgages, which allow one t to redesign their homes to make it more comfortable. The interest rates are also attractive, and the debt to income ratio required is high. This makes it easier for many homebuyers to qualify for loans. You will only be required to get PMI that will act as a security for the loan.

VA mortgage programs

Veterans and in-service soldiers can take advantage of VA mortgages that are tailored for them to own homes. The VA home loans requirements in Arlington is flexible, making it easier for many to qualify. Those who qualify do not need to make any initial installment as the loan gives 100% financing. The interest charges are also appealing, and the borrower is not required to get mortgage insurance. The closing cost is also lower compared to those of other loan packages. This significantly reduces the mortgage cost for those who meet VA home loan requirements in Fort Worth. 

USDA mortgage programs

Those who do not have any money for an initial installment can opt for USDA loans. The loans do not require any down payment as long as one meets the income and home location requirement. The borrower receives 100% financing with lower rates and mortgage insurance.

Conventional mortgage programs

The conventional loans give freedom for one to get the most attractive interest rates on mortgages. Those who have a good score and able t make 3% down payment enjoy reasonable rates and lower PMI compared to those FHA. The borrower has the freedom to choose the loan term that they feel is comfortable for them. The lowest term is ten years, while the highest goes up to 30 years. All these benefits come wrapped up with no lender fee. This you can only find at Prodigy Lending.

No one matches our mortgage programs, and for over 17 years, we have been able to give award-winning services. Prodigy lending has been voted as the Top Workplaces in the US for the last eight years. Our goal has always been to create a lasting relationship with each of our clients so that we can continue to serve them for years to come.

Our professional experts are readily available to be contacted any time to discuss the VA home loans requirements in Fort Worth and all other mortgage programs. The website also can be used to reach us, and one will be able to obtain a free obligation quote by filling in a precise form available in our site. 


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