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About us

If you are looking for purchase loans, refinance mortgages, consolidating debt, or buying a first home, then Prodigy lending is the way to go. We have been providing award-winning services for over 17 years in Aledo city and other parts of the US. We hire only professional mortgage expert, and they provide tailor-made home loan solutions to our clients. We ensure the workplace is exceptional, and this has seen us get recognition from 2011 to 2018. We have various mortgage programs which include traditional, FHA, USDA, and VA home loans in Aledo. These are explained below.

Traditional mortgages

The traditional mortgages are excellent for those with outstanding credit ratings. Those who can be able to make a high percentage of down payment get reasonable interest rates. The loan is only awarded after the borrower has shown the low chance of defaulting. Therefore, the mortgage insurance required for this kind of loan is quite low compared to those of FHA mortgages. Prodigy lending allows as low as 3% down payment on these loans, and there is no lender fee required. The terms of the mortgages are also great, and our customers can choose from 10-30 years depending on their ability to repay the loans.

FHA mortgages

FHA loans are quite easy for many to qualify since it overlooks the questionable credit scores. They allow one to finance the 3.5% down payment using the money from friends and relatives. The interest is also competitive, especially for those who can make more down payments. However, for one to obtain FHA loans, they will need to get PMI, which sometimes is a little bit high compared to those of standards loans. You can also take repair loan from FHA if there is a need for rehabilitation of the home.

USDA mortgages

If you cannot be able to raise the down payment, then USDA loans are a better option. With this, you enjoy 100% financing as long as you meet the income and property location necessities. Those who may not be satisfied with the place location can go for VA home loans in Aledo, which still gives full financing on the property. USDA also gives little interest and mortgage insurance charges.

VA mortgages 

Military members of the armed forces and veterans can own property through VA home loans in Aledo. This loan has 0% down payment, meaning one enjoys 100 percent financing. Level of income is not taken into consideration as long as one can show some reliable source of revenue, and this makes it easier for many to qualify. Closing cost and mortgage insurance are not needed, and this makes the VA home loans cheaper. The rates are also attractive since the federal government insures the loans. 

The main aim of prodigy lending is to form a strong relationship with individual customers as we look forward to providing unmatched mortgage services across the US. Confidentiality of your information is our policy, and this makes make us stand out from other renowned countrywide lending companies.

Prodigy lending operates around the clock, and customers can call us at their convenience. Our professional mortgage experts are devoted to assisting you to get low-interest rates on a loan that is tailored to meet your need. Our site is also very interactive, and one can get quotation estimates by filling in a form that is available on our site. 


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