When wives earn more than their husbands, their marriage is less likely to last

Although the number of families in which wives are the main breadwinners is still fairly small, it’s a steadily growing trend: In 1980, only 13 percent of married women earned more than or about as much as their husbands, the Pew Research Center notes. By 2000, that figure had almost doubled, rising to 25 percent.

THEY are already out-earned by their wives. A study found that husbands who earn less than their spouses are more likely to take Viagra and similar drugs than those who are the main breadwinners.

Female Breadwinners: A New Marriage Crisis? As more wives out-earn their husbands and outshine them at the office, many couples secretly struggle with.

Breadwinning Wives and Nervous Husbands By RICHARD H. THALER Published: June 1, 2013. both wife and husband generally report being less happy about the marriage.. the facts rule out that explanation: women who earn more than their husbands actually do a greater share of household chores, compared with

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 · In the last twenty years, as women have found their voices and value, they have been asking more equality in their relationships. They were ready to take leadership and to disconnect from dependency. In exchange, they wanted their men to adopt nurturing and vulnerable characteristics. At first, there was an expected backlash.

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They found that those women who consistently made more money than their husbands were up to 38% more likely to divorce than others.. that he earned much less than her. For a happy marriage.

Men who are entirely dependent on their girlfriends or wives are five times more likely to cheat than men who earn the same amount as their partners. In contrast though, the more financially dependent a woman is on her male partner, the less likely she is to cheat.

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There are other reasons why more husbands earn more than their wives that have less to do with structural issues like the gender wage gap. "Men often marry later than women, so there are relatively few married men in their 20s," wrote Guillaume Vandenbroucke, a research officer with the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis.

Marriage and Family – Midterm 2. STUDY. Flashcards. Learn. write. spell. test. play. Match. Gravity. Created by. alicia_peel.. She is less likely to delay having intercourse b. She is less likely to marry early. wives earn more than their husbands.

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