Highlighting Your Health: Stroke survivors support group offers comfort through shared experiences

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Donna W. documents the beauty and lives around her through photography, which she shares with our community. Dan S. is raising funds for other stroke survivors through climbing the 110-story Willis Tower as part of the hospital’s annual fundraiser and organizing his own golf tournament.

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support is a core part of the groups and 7 in every 10 volunteers who run groups are themselves stroke survivors. Through the support they offer, these groups aim to contribute to the following outcomes for stroke survivors: reduced social isolation, improved mental wellbeing, increased knowledge and self-management, increased

Allied Services – Posts | Facebook – As we kick off National Stroke Awareness Month this message is more important than ever. In the coming weeks, we’ll be sharing stories from stroke survivors of life after stroke; providing resources for individuals and families beginning their rehab journey; and highlighting what everyone needs to know about preventing and responding to a stroke.

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Residents enjoy many remarkable moments at the home such as a day care visit, a couples’ luncheon and a painting program.. When everyone comes out for the Circle of Support Group, there are about 12 people around a table with a large box of Tim’s coffee.. Sarah and Lola, our Social Service Worker Gerontology co-op students attended.

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The Union County Support Group Directory.. hope and friendship through shared experiences. includes groups for children and adult children.. Provides emotional and educational support to.

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